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When I first began my medical career, I would get nervous around exposed patients.  I was young, full of testosterone, and very curious about the opposite gender.  It made me all hot and bothered, but other care providers would tell me that it wasn’t an issue for them.  “We’re all professionals,” they’d say. “It’s really not an issue.”  So, why was I so bothered?  Was I not a “professional?”

Maybe I was just a loser?  Maybe I was a pervert?  Maybe I was just weird?

I remember taking a 21-year-old unconscious female to the local trauma center.  She was attractive, and just a year or two younger than me.  As I gave my report to the receiving staff, they stripped this young woman down to her underwear.  I got distracted by the polka-dots. But when I looked up, one of the nurses was glaring at me.  Oops, the patient wasn’t the only one exposed.